Technomed makes use of two privately owned manufacturing facilities, one in the Netherlands and one in Indonesia. Our production facility in the Netherlands and our the facility in Indonesia are both equipped with Class 7-Cleanrooms. 

In the Netherlands we produce special, new and low volume products through which we can guarantee low threshold in customisation of new products. We can provide a wide range of product possibilities. Also new production methods and pilot production of new products are made under the supervision of our engineers and quality department. 

To achieve a cost-effective and high quality finished product, Technomed founded Technomed Asia more than 10 years ago. Technomed Asia is manufacturing cost-effective and high quality products to provide ideal solutions for our customers. At Technomed Asia, we employ a well-skilled team that can easily manufacture items in high volumes. Technomed Asia operates in accordance with all relevant international quality standards and has its own Quality System registrations including ISO 13485 and USFDA.