Jennifer Maahs

When Technomed USA was established in 2009, I was very happy to start our customer service and logistics in the USA.  I have always had an interest in international business and medical technologies; working at Technomed is the perfect blend for me.   

My position is very unique because I am responsible for the complete Customer Service in the US.  Because of that, I have very close relationships with our customers and they know that they can contact me anytime and get what they need right away.  Our customers are used to a super-fast reaction from me, if I don’t respond in a couple of hours, they send messages to ask if everything is alright or if something has happened! 

The business in the USA has expanded over the last several years and we even service many of our Latin-American customers from our facility in Minnesota.  Senior Area Sales Manager, Bas Klomp, stated “Since adding our local service in the US, our business has grown. Through the dedicated efforts of Jennifer we have more insight into our customers’ needs and we can act upon it.”

It’s important to Technomed’s success that we have a facility in the US for customers to contact someone in real-time. I enjoy bridging the gap between our US customers and my Technomed colleagues in Europe and Asia.  I try to bring a little bit of the American attitude – a sense of urgency and drive – to our day-to-day business.  My goals are to continue to help grow Technomed’s customer base and offer the best customer service

Customer Service Representative
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