Erik Romansah




Erik Romansah

Quality Assurance Manager

Working at Technomed Asia since 2004





I’m working at Technomed Asia from the foundation in 2004. I started off as a Production Supervisor and was involved in setting up the production for Technomed in Bandung. As the business of Technomed grew, the production of more products was transferred to Indonesia. I guided the transfer of the production together with the production manager of the Netherlands. I visited Technomed Europe regularly to get trained in the production process and all the needed procedures.


In 2009 I became manager of the warehouse at Technomed Asia and was responsible for all import of raw materials and export of our products. In 2013 I was appointed to be the Quality Assurance manager of Technomed Asia. With the QA-team our task is to meet all specifications and regulatory requirements on national and international standard. QA is complex and it really helps that I know all the aspects of the company and had a good training in the Netherlands.


I am part of the Management Team of Technomed Asia. We are a young, ambitious team and we are like family. Together we need to control the complete system. As a company we are growing in volume and at Technomed Asia we are challenged to grow in people, knowledge and self-supporting.


Technomed Europe build our location by transferring knowledge, supporting the process and direct supervision. The relationship with Technomed Europe has changed over time from being subcontractor – customer to working closely together to solve problems in every stage of the process.

Manager Quality Assurance Technomed Asia